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Accredited Firms

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Salmon-Safe accreditation for design, development, and construction firms is Salmon-Safe's newest offering. Salmon-Safe's designer & firm accreditation is a commitment by design and development professionals to key principles related to urban watershed stewardship.

Through thoughtful site planning, implementation of low-impact design solutions and the use of eco-friendly materials, site designers have the opportunity to contribute to the restoration of our urban watersheds. Salmon-Safe firm accreditation is for design consultants, land developers, and construction firms working on buildings, streets, parking areas, and related infrastructure with the intention of protecting downstream water quality and habitat while helping to restore urban ecological function.

We are currently in the process of certifying several firms in British Columbia. If you are interested in more information, read through the Salmon-Safe Accreditation Program (AP) Guidelines for Design and Development Professionals and the Salmon-Safe Accreditation Program (AP) Guidelines for Large-Scale Construction Management. If you are interested in becoming an accredited firm, please reach out to our team

Vancouver Studio of DIALOG Becomes the
First Salmon-Safe Accredited Firm in Canada 

In February 2021, the Vancouver studio of DIALOG became the first accredited Salmon-Safe firm in Canada based on the firm’s demonstrated commitment to sustainable design and environmental protection. The design practice has developed a number of projects in Metro Vancouver that align with Salmon-Safe BC urban development standards. These include 2150 Keith Drive, an upcoming 10-storey office building in False Creek Flats, a six-storey office building in North Vancouver that is due to start construction this year, and the currently under-construction North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant. Advancing urban watershed and salmon health is an important part of DIALOG’s commitment to environmentally responsible design in the region.


As part of its Salmon-Safe accreditation agreement, DIALOG’s Vancouver studio will share best practices with DIALOG employees across its five studios. The Vancouver studio’s accreditation remains valid until February 2024 when it can apply for renewal. 


“As the first Salmon-Safe accredited firm in Canada, DIALOG’s Vancouver office is showcasing the important role that designers, planners and engineers play in protecting and restoring our watershed ecosystems.”  said Theresa Fresco, Salmon-Safe BC Program Manager, “We encourage other design, developer and construction firms in BC committed to salmon and watershed health to pursue accreditation.”


“Salmon-Safe BC’s accreditation program provides a framework that addresses the interdependencies between land use practices, water quality, and watershed health at the site scale,” said Martin Nielsen, partner, architect, and mechanical engineer at DIALOG’s Vancouver studio. “We appreciate the opportunity to work with passionate experts such as those at Salmon-Safe BC and wish to continue advocating together for a more just and ecologically rich urban system.” 


Building or architectural design firms as well as land developers that would be interested in certification should get in touch with the Salmon-Safe BC team. 

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