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Salmon-Safe works with farmers to encourage the adoption of ecologically sustainable agricultural practices that protect water quality and salmon. Erosion and runoff, excessive irrigation, pesticide use, and lack of vegetation are a few examples of how a farm can negatively impact water quality and habitat for fish and wildlife, particularly for the iconic Pacific salmon.

By adopting Salmon-Safe standards, growers help protect stream habitat and water quality by:

  • Optimizing water use

  • Applying natural methods to control farm pests and reducing nutrient runoff

  • Controlling erosion

  • Maintaining healthy riparian and in-stream habitat conditions

  • Protecting wetlands and natural areas

  • Promoting plant and wildlife diversity

Newly Certified Producers
Heidi's Peak Estate Vineyard Ltd. 

Okanagan Falls, Thompson-Okanagan Region

Heidi's Peak Estate Vineyard is a producer of white wine grapes in the Okanagan Valley, which became Salmon-Safe certified through our Agriculture Program in May 2021. Their certification demonstrates the vineyard's commitment to sustainable-managed lands and watersheds. Congratulations & cheers Heidi's Peak! 

Visit their website: