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Salmon-Safe B.C. links land management practices with the protection of agricultural and urban watersheds. Whether your site is a farm in the Fraser Valley, an orchard in the Similkameen Valley, an Okanagan vineyard, or an urban site in one of BC’s communities, certification requires management practices that protect water quality and restore habitat so that Pacific salmon can thrive. Because everything we do on the land can eventually affect water, Salmon-Safe certifies sites even if they do not have a watercourse.

The first step to beginning the certification process is reaching out to our Salmon-Safe BC team to determine your site’ss eligibility for certification. Salmon-Safe BC is a site-specific certification program so this first conversation is a great way for our staff to learn about your site’s context, some of the innovations you would like to explore and how to tackle some of the challenges you may be grappling with.

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Certify an Agriculture Site

Salmon-Safe BC is delivered by the Fraser Basin Council. For more information on the Fraser Basin Council visit

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