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Certified Sites

There are currently over 30 Salmon-Safe certified sites in British Columbia. These urban and agricultural sites have committed to supporting ecosystem health through stormwater management, water use management, erosion and sediment control, pesticide reduction and water quality protection, and enhancement of ecological function. Salmon-Safe BC has supported these sites in developing land management plans and introducing changes and innovations to help them achieve certification. Some examples of changes implemented are:

• Capturing stormwater on-site

• Maintaining a buffer of trees and vegetation along streambanks

• Restoring streams and watercourses where previous development has diverted or buried them

• Increasing the use of permeable surfaces / reduce or redesign impervious surfaces

• Improving passage for migrating fish

• Eliminating the use of herbicides and pesticides, and substitute natural methods to control weeds and pests

• Reducing water use, such as through more efficient irrigation or drought-resistant landscaping

• Protecting wetlands, woodlands, and other natural areas

Urban Sites

Salmon-Safe B.C. offers one of the nation's first and only peer-reviewed certification program linking land management practices with the protection of urban watersheds.

Agriculture Sites

Salmon-Safe works with farmers to encourage the adoption of ecologically sustainable agricultural practices that protect water quality and pacific salmon. 

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